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Fredoka - free font & dingbats

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Fredoka is a font project I made some years ago.


Fredoka One is a perfectly rounded and bold font that ended up on Google Fonts and is available for use under the SIL Open Font License. As it was an open project, other font designers had the liberty of creating extra weights and glyphs, expanding the languages enormously. You can get that that edited variable version at Google Fonts (dingbats not included there).


Fredoka Dingbats is a super cute set of dingbats, with rounded edges to go with the typeface.

There’s an infinite way to use Fredoka One & Dingbats, combined or not. Perfect when you want to make a bold, yet friendly and cute statement.

I'm offering a free download link to both fonts.

You will get a ZIP (43KB) file